Vinyl Covered StepsVinyl Pool Liners

Vinyl covered steps add class and functionality. Also, they’re our specialty; they require an immense amount of skill and we love to show off. Below, you’ll find a wide array of options for your step, if you are lucky enough to have one. If you don’t have a step, no problem—we have them too.

Step Options

Above is just a sampling of what we can do. Feel free to mix and match. You could even swap tile from another pattern altogether. Please talk to your dealer regarding up-charges.

We liked the look of the tile going around the bench so much, we decided to show it on as many images as possible. Oh, and incase you couldn’t tell—the images are computer generated. The model was created from the picture of our ZipStep™ seen below.

ZipStep™ (Retrofit Step System)Pool Steps

In 2009 we introduced the completely unique ZipStep™ with modular benches and it was an instant success. The ZipStep™ is made to fit in any shallow end corner of your pool.

It’s the easiest way to add a step to you pool. The step is attached to the existing walls and the liner is built to go over it. The ZipStep in the photo has a left bench attached. The ZipStep Componentsbench could just as easily be ordered for the right side or both…or none.

As you can see, tStepso the right, a template attaches to the wall of the existing pool, and the steps simply hang securely in the grove on the template. Yeah, I know—it looks like a shiny new pair of panels and not an “existing pool”, but please use your imagination.

Drop-in Steps for Non-Rectangles

Have a pool with no ninty-degree corners? No problem. We can custom make a step for you that will accommodate any shape. Contact your dealer for details.

Get the Most Out of Your Pool

We developed the product because we see how much joy people get from their existing steps, and we wanted to give those less fortunate an opportunity to add one when they replace their liner.

The step is the socialization section of the pool. Have a seat, grab a drink, yak it up with your friends and family. And lets face it; it’s also the only humane way for you and your children to acclimate to the temperature of the water.