If you’re going to spend a wad of money for a new vinyl pool liner, you should know who’s making it… right?

Mission Statement

Kayden Manufacturing fabricates premium quality vinyl swimming pool liners made in the USA. We are dedicated to constantly working towards being better by: producing pool liners made in the USA with unmatched quality, being the most flexible, having the fastest turn-around time and proactively serving our customers. We provide a friendly, professional environment to develop a proud family of employees. Our team perpetuates kindness, fairness, and profitability throughout our web of relationships.

No Customer Numbers

This is something we feel very strongly about. We don’t want our customers to be referred to by a number. As soon as a dealer gets a number, that’s what they are: a number. Our customers deserve more than a number. Rene deserves to be called “Rene”, not CPL392 and Tony custom pool linersdeserves to be called “Tony” (or Anthony I guess), not WDS734. We make it a point to know and understand our dealers.

By doing this, I feel we make life a little better for you—the homeowner. You can rest assured knowing your installer and manufacturer are working together, as a team, to beautify your backyard.

The Owners

Jeff and Erika Kayden founded Kayden Manufacturing in October of 2006. They met… Alright, this 3rd person perspective isn’t working for me! Let me try again. Ahem…

I met Erika sometime in 1998, she worked for a pool builder; I worked for a pool manufacturer. The company she worked for was always pushing the boundaries of what vinyl liner pools could do, which meant their manufacturer needed to be very hands-on. That worked out well because I enjoyed being hands-on with Erika…. that doesn’t sound right…. Anyway. Finally, in 2000, we started dating, ’02 we married, ’04 we had Sydney. Sage Heather Kayden was born February 25, 2009 at 11:59 PM


As I was saying before, Erika worked for a pool builder that always pushed the boundaries. She started as a pool vacuumer, as a kid, to make a couple extra bucks during the summers. She graduated from University of New Hampshire with a biology degree. We all know the logical progression from there. Yep, she headed back to work for the pool builder she worked for in high school.

She continued working for the builder as the lead purchasing agent, and office manager until Sydney was born.

Erika’s experience has been a great asset for our company because she knows how dealers think. She know’s what they need, and how to help them.

Jeff (me)

I’ve been on the manufacturing side of the liner industry since 1997. A Toronto based company hired me as a liner designer for a branch they were opening in NJ. I had no idea what I was doing, but I had a willingness to learn. I worked my way up to Assistant Branch Manager before leaving to work for another liner manufacturer. Company 2 was much bigger. I managed Company 2’s design department for about a year, and then another opportunity opened up. Company 3 hired me to help them launch their liner division. A year later I opened my own company: Kayden Manufacturing, Inc.

Having the experience of 3 companies under my belt is probably our greatest asset. I can compare the practices of all three and determine what works best for my dealers and the homeowners they cater to (you).

The Company

Kayden Manufacturing was founded in 2006 and has been building pool liners made in the USA ever since. We’re a small, family run company. I manage my time between running the company, designing the liners, cutting them, putting them together, inspecting and folding. Erika does the admin stuff (the hard part of owning a business).

We like to be innovative. In 2007 we brought a new product to market: The Pool Flounder™. Unfortunately, they changed the laws concerning main drains rendering our invention unsellable. In ’09 we came out with the ZipStep™ a modular bench/step retro-fit combo. Basically it’s a step. You stick it in the corner of a pool and put a liner over it. What’s innovative, though; is the modular bench you can slap on the side of it. Check it out.

The Rest of the Family

While providing a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, we instill a commitment to quality into our employees. They are trained to understand we do not cut corners… hypothetical corners, of course. They are forced to think, “If I were the homeowner, would I be happy with that liner?” If the answer is “no”, they do it over.

Well… we’ve only been around since ’06 so we don’t have much. I’m hoping, in a few years this section will read something like this: “Ahh, our humble beginnings… We were a small shop and now we are not so small. blah, blah, blah…” Or maybe something in the 3rd person.